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Updated 4/18/14

Located in Ithaca NY, Albuquerque NM and Carmel CA, Rumble Seat Music Inc. was founded in 1993 with the original intent of providing musicians with premium used and Vintage Guitars as well as other vintage electric and acoustic instruments. Since then Rumble Seat has become much more specialized and now deal almost exclusively in vintage and used guitars and vintage guitar related products. From humble beginnings Rumble Seat Music has become a highly respected member of the music and vintage guitar industry. Rumble Seat has had the great pleasure of being one of a select number of guitar dealers to receive calls from such artists as The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, U2, Joe Bonamassa, ACDC, Metallica, The Cardigans, the Hives, Eric Johnson, Guy Pearce and many more.

From 1958 Gibson Korina Flying V’s to 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Bursts and 1952 Fender Telecasters to Vintage Custom Color Fender Stratocasters, Rumble Seat Music has had it all and continues to offer the best of the best in the Vintage Guitar market. Rumble Seat’s Guitar selection includes Vintage Gibson, Vintage Fender, Vintage Gretsch, Vintage Martin, Vintage PRS, Vintage Rickenbacker, and Other Cool Vintage Guitars is second to none.

Rumble Seat’s well balanced Vintage Guitar inventory includes prestigious and well known guitar makers with a specific distinctive role. Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone and Rickenbacker Electric Guitars are the foundation upon which our Vintage Guitar business has been built. Martin, Gibson, Taylor, and Guild provide top quality guitars in the vintage acoustic guitar section. Along with the long established guitar makers, newer companies including Paul Reed Smith, Charvel, Jackson, and Kramer are on the cutting edge of the ever evolving vintage guitar market and provide a glimpse into the future of vintage guitars. If you are looking for a Vintage guitar or a used guitar, whether it is your first guitar or you are adding to a vintage guitar collection please take a look at the selection of great vintage and used guitars Rumble Seat Music's website has to offer.

Since its inception Rumble Seat Music has been on the cutting edge of the Reduce-Re use-Recycle mentality which is becoming ever more important. By dealing in primarily vintage guitars we help reduce the use of our natural resources. By purchasing a vintage guitar our customers can also take part in the process. We at Rumble Seat not only believe that we are providing our customers with the best possible Vintage Guitars available but also doing our part to help the environment.